There’s a lot of couch surfing going on lately… I love it.  I really do love having friends feel welcomed to hang out and stay at my place.  Lord knows I’ve done my fair share of it and now I’m psyched to have any of you stay with me.  [It would be more like floor surfing, as I don’t have have a couch.]  You can either stay for free and enjoy the beautiful company and luxurious creek OR you can pay $3 for the deluxe package.  What does the deluxe package include, you ask?  Well, it’s the same as the normal package EXCEPT you get a bottle of water and we take pictures of you in your sleep… totally worth it.

The good life… the life of a vagabond.  But today I was utterly embarrassed as I was reminded of a downfall to the whole lifestyle.  I received this email from a buddy who had put me up for a little bit… I haven’t talked to him in a while…

“I was reading your blog the other night and enjoying it.
We need to catch up.

p.s. you left a pair of underpants in my washing machine”

Because if you leave your panties in your own washing machine, it’s really no big deal.  I’m glad I have my own place now.

*Name changed for protection.

1 thought on “p.s.”

  1. I never specified that I wanted the deluxe package, but it would have made my stay much better. I would recommend upgrading. Thanks again, love. I had such a great time with you. I can’t wait to wear my new acid-wash jeans. There has to be an occasion coming up soon.

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