i’ll take the dim sum.


"hey rachel, do you like my hair like this?"
"hey rachel, do you like my hair like this?"

This is my mother in our favorite toy store, Toy Joy.  How can you not love that face?  If you know my mom at all, you know that she is one special woman.  And if you’ve never met her, trust me… she’s amazing.  I’ve noticed lately that I’ve had many honest conversations with friends that include me saying, “I want to be just like my parents.”  And the sweet heart and hilarious humor of my mom are a huge part of that.  So, today, may we celebrate this beautiful woman!

Happy Birthday, Momma!!  I wish I could be there with you.  I’m assuming you’re having a great day because you haven’t called me back from this morning… which is unheard of.  I hope the boys are showing you good birthday times.  Cannot WAIT to see you oh so soon!

And here’s a great story of the joy and hilarity of being in the presence of my Momma…

[in chinatown in san francisco via 2003.]

Waiter: [of the chinese persuasion] What can I get you?

Mom: I’ll have the Dim Sum.

Waiter: Okay, what do you want?

Mom: [talking a bit louder and clearer because she’s afaid the waiter doesn’t understand her] The Dim. Sum.

[oh dear lord, mom doesn’t realize that “dim sum” means “ala carte” in chinese.]

Waiter: Alright… What would you like?


Waiter: Yes, I know… The Dim Sum… You get to choose.

Mom: Oh…

Me: [an 18-year-old embarrassed beyond belief] Mom, it means “ala carte”.

Mom: [laughing] Oh, okay… Well, then I need a second.

[waiter leaves.]

[momma and i proceed to start laughing until we cry and have to wait another twenty minutes to order because we can’t stop laughing, repeating to ourselves, “I WANT THE DIM SUM!”]

p.s. I’m afraid your present isn’t there yet… I’m so sorry… I fail.

p.p.s. You mean the world to me, Momma… I love you so much.  Have the happiest day.

p.p.p.s. Let this awesome post not dissuade you all from continuing the discussion a couple posts down on your least favorite song ever.

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