hey, excuse me… check this out!!

I must look like a safe person…

As I leave the post office this morning, I’m on the phone with a friend, walking my bike down the sidewalk.  A young boy on a motorized scooter approaches me and says…

– Hi!  I’m Joe.  What’s your name?

– Rachel.

– Nice to meet you.  [puts out his hand, to shake… we shake hands… adorable.]

– Ummm… Yeah, what?  Sorry… No, I just met a nice boy named Joe.  [talking on the phone still.]

– Did you see my scooter?

– Hey, I’m gonna have to call you back.  [hang up.]  Yeah, nahice scooter, dude.

– Thanks.  Do you have a motorized scooter?

– Umm, well, no… but I have this bike.  It’s cool, right?

– Sure.  Do you want to ride my scooter?

– No, I’m cool… you look like a pro… I would probably fall off.

– Yeah.

– So… [looking around, kinda confused] Do you live around here, Joe?

– Yeah… right over…. well, I can’t see it right now, but right over there is my house… wanna go?

– Ha, no Joe.  You shouldn’t ask strangers over to your house.

– You’re not a stranger, you’re Rachel.

– Good point.

– Wanna go?

– No, I gotta get going… [I get on my bike and start riding it.]

– Where are you going?

– Hard Drive.

– Hard Drive Cafe?  Me too!

– Alllllright…

So, we start heading the short distance over to the cafe, I’m riding ahead of Joe…  Then, all the sudden, a bit after I go over the small dip of pavement into the parking lot, I hear Joe yelling behind me…

– Hey, excuse me… CHECK THIS OUT!!

He speeds up and does a SWEET jump over the little dip.  I could not stop laughing… the way he said, “Hey, excuse me” so casually and then… “CHECK THIS OUT!” like it was the raddest thing to ever happen… ever… was priceless.

So, then I had to explain to him that I had to go in and work on some stuff.  He was very sad that I wasn’t going to sit outside and talk with him… and I would’ve… but to be honest, the whole thing was very weird for me… Joe seems like a great kid, but I was afraid his parents were gonna roll up and be like, “Who the hell are you and why have you stolen our precious Joe?!”

Thanks for showing me your sweet scooter, Joe.  You pretty much made my morning.

[OMG, UPDATE: I’m pretty sure no one has even read this yet, but I definitely just saw Joe RACE by the windows of this cafe.  Lemonade almost came out of my nose from laughing.]

1 thought on “hey, excuse me… check this out!!”

  1. That’s so greatness! Because of my work I have to keep myself from rushing up to any child throwing a fit in Target and calming them down/explaining to them why they need to be good. Ah, Sunday School with the two year olds, you have taught me that I am safe, but you have not taught the world. This Sunday is my last day before I go. 😦
    I want random children to approach me! I don’t think I look old enough to escape the “teenager” danger.

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