a big ol’ smile.

where the magic happens.
where the magic happens.

It’s no glorious studio… but it’s a little space… a simple space… where the magic happens.  [p.s. magic = mad computer skillzzzz.]  [p.p.s. mad computer skillzzzz = mostly blogging… when i should be designing.]  I’m kinda psyched on it.

And here is the song I’ve listened to only about a dillion times in that very space…

I cannot get enough of the song and I kinda la-huve the video.  Gosh, I’m pretty sure if a pretty boy sang this song to me [or put it on a mix cd, let’s be honest], I’d fall right in love with him.

“one kiss from you and i’m drunk up on your potion…
a big ol’ smile is all you are…”

…yep, I’m a huge softy.

[you, there, at the computer… staring… you, my lovely, have a splendid day.]

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