brighter, richer, deeper.

Had a very real dream last night.

Friend was crying, scared of their new life, their move, missing their friends, said it was too hard.

I told them to embrace the hard, dark times because when joy comes again, it will be brighter, bliss – richer, love – deeper.

Woke up, craving Australia.

Wanted to have a cupcake and a flat white [a coffee drink i’ve only found in oz].

Craving a flat white like carazy.  Weird.

Later on, at a bakery I just had to see, I scan the menu and see [whaddya know] a flat white.

Crazy.  Never seen those on a menu in the States… let alone Driggs, Idaho.

The taste brought me back.  Made me peaceful about it all.  Right.

Told my ever-so-wise buddy about the craving, the obtaining.

Her words:  Wow, that’s how you know you’re where you should be… stuff like that.

Yes and yes.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks.

Joy has been brighter, bliss – richer, love – deeper.

I am exactly where I should be.

[so, flat whites are almost equally as good… but ginger beer here?  not so much…]

not at all.
not at all.

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