this isn’t that hard.

Today was a fabulous day.  Fabulous and action packed… so much going to do!*  Dabz and I did Old Bill’s Fun Run here in Jackson and then quickly went to work as Dan Long’s support crew, as he was Anna Davis’ support crew.  Anna rode in LOTOJA today.  [that’s a 206 mile bike race.]  Yeah, she’s a hardass.

go anna!
go anna!


I knew the day was going to be great early on.  I lined up for the 10k I was about to run, when a few little children lined up next to me.  [p.s. you know you’re a serious competitor when 8 year olds are lining up next to you in a foot race.]  So, the countdown begins, “10… 9.. 8…” and so on, you know the drill.  The gun fires, the race starts.  It’s all crowded, but soon enough we all spread out… children still pretty close to me.  I’d say we’re about a whole 45 seconds into the race when I hear one of the little boys turn to one of the little girls and say, “This isn’t that hard!”

Ha.  Awesome.

Yeah!  You’re right… it really isn’t.

*That was a typo.  It was going to be either “so much to do!” or “so much going on!”… but the typo actually works better… “so much going to do!”  We really did have a lot of going to do.

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