yes, that is correct.

Going over fire safety with clients at work…

– Sandy, what would you do if you were on fire?

– [dead seriously] Stop, rock and roll.

YES.  That should be the solution to more emergencies.

Stop. Rock and Roll.

[this was the least creepy version of this video.]

4 thoughts on “yes, that is correct.”

  1. oh yay! as a subscriber, you should get excited about the free gift you’ll receive in the mail in anywhere from 4 to 3,982,340,134 weeks.

  2. oh i am super excited! that is my main reason for subscribing! and i assume you have my address. Just make sure it is big so the USPS man that hates his job has to walk all the way up to my door while i wait a good while before answering the door. thanks love!

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