watch for my booty slap…

If you don’t know Gretchen Davis, your life is not as awesome as it could be.

She just sent me this…  [p.s. i couldn’t get these to embed… sorry…]

Oh man. I LOVE IT.

Crazy Doctor – Gretchen [the girl you need to know]
Frankenstein – Anna
Frankenstein’s Bride – Dabz
Dracula – Dan Long
Professor Lupin* – Yours Truly

This video makes me so so happy…

So does this one…

Awesomeness – Dan and Nic.

*Too dorky? Just a bit?

2 thoughts on “watch for my booty slap…”

  1. I don’t know whether I laugh more at how creepy of a Dracula I make, or at how sweet of a moose knuckle I have in my rhythmic gymnastics routine.

  2. i think we gotta give gretch major props for picking out the perfect faces for our monster mash… you make a very can’t-be-bothered dracula.

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