enjoy yourself while you can.

A couple things from the girl on Vicodin*…

I first saw this short film in Sydney… at the Banff Film Festival.  It was so incredible for me to watch it, to be there.  Sydney was rough.  Having something like that film festival to bring me back to familiarity was huge.  I felt so close to loved ones… for no other reason than sitting in a theater and watching films that they, too, might have watched in a theater with other loves of mine.

And this song… gosh, this song.  “Cold, Cold” by Stephanie’s Id.  [i think that’s the name of the group…]  It’s a great song… I can’t get enough.  And it’s cold [effing cold] here in Jackson… so it applies?  Right?  Whatever, it’s awesome.

haha... ha... ha?
haha... ha... ha?

…Oh.  Yeah, that’s a little true.

*So, I woke up a couple nights ago with a horrid sore throat.  That then traveled to my ear and gave me the worst earache I’ve had since I was 11.  When I went to the doctor, he prescribed, “Something to help with your earache, something to help you sleep.  It’s a painkiller called ‘Vicodin'”.  Whoa!  Yeah, I know what Vicodin is!  And he gave me kinda a lot…

I thought it was overkill.  But now I sit here, as the Vicodin is wearing off, and the pain in my ear is taking over the right side of my face again.  I’m staring at my bottle of Vicodin and my bottle of Ibuprofen, wishing I could take one more day off work and frolic through the fields with my love, Vicodin.  Instead of settle for Ibuprofen… like I’m gonna.

1 thought on “enjoy yourself while you can.”

  1. Always comes in my head when I hear “vicodin.”
    He didn’t give you an antibiotic or a decongestant? It sounds like a sinus infection.

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