…because you did.

I babysat for Beckett [three-year-old awesomeness] tonight… But this story is from a while ago…

I walked into Beckett’s house and his mom was rushing around trying to get out the door.  She gave me a quick rundown for the evening, but it didn’t take much explanation because I had been babysitting on the regular.  Right before she left, she told me…

– Oh, and please don’t use the bathroom in our room… The toilet is broken.

– Oh.  Yeah, sure.

And with that, she left.  I found it a bit odd… “Ummm okay… Why would I go into your room and use your toilet in the first place?”

But at dinner, it all became clear when Beckett spoke up…

– You broke the toilet.

– What?  No, I didn’t.

– Yes, you did.

– Noooooo…. I didn’t.

– Yes you did that’s what I told Mommy.  [all in one breath.]

– What??  Beckett, did you tell your mom that I broke the toilet.

– Yes… Because you did.

– No, I didn’t!

– YES, YOU DID!  I told Mommy that you broke the toilet because YOU DID.

– Beckett!  I promise I did not break the toilet.

– You’re lying… Because you did.

Oh man.  At this point I found myself getting highly upset… arguing… with a three-year-old.  I had to settle myself down… but I didn’t just then… I argued with him for a whole second more…. But then I did finally settle down…

– Okay, Beckett… After I say this, we are NOT allowed to talk about the toilet anymore… Okay?

– Okay.

– Alright.  Now, I am not a liar.  I do not tell lies.  And I’m telling you right now that I did not break the toilet.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


– Good.  Let’s get dessert.

So we did.  And the night went on as usual… We played robots, watched Scooby Doo, etc.  Then, while playing blocks, Beckett sheepishly says…

– If you put too much toilet paper in the toilet, it’ll break.

[why you little…]

– Oh really?  Beckett, is that what you did to the toilet?


– Beckett, is that how you broke the toilet?


– Alright then.  Well, it’s okay… I’m sure you didn’t mean to.

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