oh, when?

• pumpkin = favorite flavor EXCEPT for bagels.  [discovered this morgen.]

• i like using the random few german words i remember from high school in normal sentences.

• i lettered in german in high school… did you know i was such a nerd?

• halloween = trouble.

• i’m going going back back to cali cali… for a whole second… tomorrow.  ex.cit.ed.

• i miss my yosemite loves and want some art from this lady to help me not miss: http://lindseyyankey.wordpress.com/illustration/

• i rode my bike to current bagel shop this morgen and found bras leaving it in ski garb… wait, are we skiing yet?  i just rode my bike here… sans gloves, hat and socks.

• new favorite song:

[you should love it.]

• trying to give up coffee = not working.

• lovely, have a wonderful day.

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