the clouds keep rollin’ on in.

My biggest complaint about Jackson, Wyoming used to be that there wasn’t a music scene that I could really get excited about.

But I complain no more.

Thanks to KHOL, our community radio station, I can turn on the radio and fall in love with tunes on the regular.  Last night, I found myself in the kitchen, painting a dresser*, drinking wine and listening/dancing/singing to our KHOL.  Happiness.

Join them [and yours truly] tomorrow [Saturday] night for a fundraiser/dance party… aka the BEST fundraisers.  If you love it, keep it alive.

i did not design this poster.

Yes and yes.  Should be awesome.

But the real excitement…

Tonight [yes, tonight!] these folks:

…are playing at Lindsey McCandless Contemporary.  !!

That’s what I’m talking about.

Way to be, Jackson.

I will be smiling like a little kid… hopefully smiling your way.  See you there.

*There are a lot of things I am not good at… “painting furniture” recently was added to the list.

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