“a drinkable memory quilt” or “are you happy?” [couldn’t decide.]

First off, I received this email from my pops the other day…

check it.


So, I went to the post office the next day and much to my delight, there was a golden ticket indicating that I had a package to pick up.

As I rounded the corner to the service counters, I was confronted with probably an hour-long line of people.

[this is an issue with Jackson that I’d love to address at another time… too happy to get fired up now.]

Anywho… Yesterday, at the buzzer [4:45pm], I picked up my package and was too excited… I had to open it right then.  In it were a couple CDs [that get their own hilarious post later] and this…

christmas LOVE.

It reads…

“Christmas Worry Wreath

Dearest Rachel,
Here is something I invented & Mom helped me make.  We supported the Aussie wine economy while we thought about you there.  We saved the corks & finally thought of a use for all of them.  A recycled Christmas wreath full of all the love & joy we have for you.  That & a prayer in our hearts has you near us always tho’ maybe not this holiday.  Tho’ it has a depressing name, the wreath is actually a kinetic experience.  Think of it as a “drinkable memory quilt” which turns chuckles into laffs HA!  With a smile in our hearts.



So there I was, crying in the post office because of preciousness.  And I guess I was really having a good cry because this cute, little, Mexican man next to me, who was also opening his mail, looked at me very concerned and said…

– Are you happy?

– Oh, yes.  Happy tears.

– Good.

– Christmas gift?

– Yeah.  From my dad.

– Good.  Not me.  Just bills, bills, bills.

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