Orange Sticks.

[the following post is by guest lover, writer, fabulousness, Gretchen Davis.  oh, get excited…]

Rachel + Dan Long = 10 hour drive to Denver = Grrrrrretch (Davis) + Pajina’s (Vagina Pajamas) = Pete’s Diner + chicken fried steak + Forever 21 (Dan’s choice) + margaritas + Karaoke = Dan Long singing “Stay” =  Gretch + Ray’s milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard = pure greatness…

Davis OUT!

Gretchel or Grachen.

[EDIT… by rach.]

p.s. So, Gretch and I were walking to the bathroom in the fab restaurant we just ate at, when this group of old men asked…

– Are you girls sisters?

– Haha… No.

– Yes, you are.

– No, no we’re not.

– No shit.  Yes you are.

We were very confused by their confusion until we walked into the bathroom, stood side by side and looked in the mirror.  Son of a bitch, we dressed alike again.

double your freshness, double your fun.

And then they told us that we also looked like sisters cuz we both have nice teeth.  I quote:  “Your teeth look like the front of a Chick-let box.”  Compliment?

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