twas the best christmas ever.

My father, being the awesome dad he is, sent me a Christmas Mix CD.  Awesome.  Not only did he write out all the names and artists of all the songs on an insert, he also put this picture on the back…

Where the Sidewalk Ends?! YESSSSSSSS!!

I am overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this picture and cannot figure out what to focus on… so bullet points it is…

• First, and foremost, MATCHING FLANNEL PAJAMAS.

• Look at HOW excited I am about Where The Sidewalk Ends.  Rightfully so.  But screaming AND the excited “YES!” fist?  Man, oh man.

• My sweet sister is also so happy about her book… too bad we can’t see what it is.

• My teeth.  My poor, poor teeth.

• Please note that at least one of us got one roller blade… it’s sitting in between us.

• Also, you can’t tell very well from the picture, but I know for a fact I’m sitting in front of a Jammerz helmet.  They were the helmets you put your own stickers on.  So cool.

• I know you’re jealous.  Cuz I know you see “The Sneaker”… our new remote control car.  It was very, very sneaky.

Oh wow.  I love Christmas… obviously.  It’s almost here!  YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Happy Holidays, Loves!

Oh, Pops also included these scanned gems…

that’s right… i’m pulling my bro and sis around in the recycle bin.

so apparently, those were definitely my rollerblades. and who wants to hurt their knees? not me.
…or my hands.

…or my elbows.

3 thoughts on “twas the best christmas ever.”

  1. do you think your dad will send me a mix cd??? haha. I love the flannel pjs…and your teeth are nothing…I was rockin the HEadgear around this time…ugh.
    Happy HOlidaze!!!!

  2. lauryn, my dad emailed me a one-liner asking if he should send you a mix… now is your chance to get in on some authentic jimmy-stevens-mix-makin.

    i wish i still had flannel pjs. i just told a friend the other day, “i need more flannel in my life.”

    oh, teeth… hands down, the most powerful source of drama through my childhood… and even some early adulthood.

    i’m so psyched for whityn’s first christmas! you guys are gonna have a blast. happy hollerdays!

  3. hey….pob 721 victor idaho 83455….if ur serious.

    i am rocking purple owl flannel pjs….gotta love target.

    we r so ecited for whit’s 1st xmas too.

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