hardy har har.

I decided we need to laugh at ourselves more.

Or, at least, I need to laugh at myself more.

I’ve been giving myself a hard time for a whole second… but that is a lot less fun than laughing at myself.

Laughing at myself because I ordered multiple, multiple Christmas presents online… all in about five minutes.

Laughing because, though I told myself I wouldn’t be, I am again up at midnight.

Laughing at myself because I can’t stop laughing at this:

Laughing because I have too much work and not enough money.

Laughing because my workspace is also my kitchen.

Laughing, remembering some spec-tacular falls I had on the slopes today.

Laughing at my insanely sore legs.

Laughing at my ridiculously dirty hair.

Laughing at how not sorry I am for eating cookies and drinking wine at 11:30pm.

Laughing at how I listen to the same songs over and over…

…also, not sorry.

Laughing at blahgging… oh, this.

Laughing that I’m definitely gonna put up another self-portrait taken by the computer.


Hope all’s well and laughable in your world.


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