i win.

Christmas time is here…


We got a tree.  It’s the most amazing tree everrrrr.  It has a dinosaur for an angel.

And Christmas time makes me love my job more than ever.  [for those who don’t know, i work with adults with mental disabilities.]

A certain client, we’ll call her Patty, gave out presents to a lot of the staff and clients a couple days ago.  It was a new kind of preciousness/hilarium.  My good friend got an Easter snowglobe from Patty and we didn’t think that could be beat until another friend got a stuffed bunny that straight up said, “HAPPY EASTER” across the front…


There were also a couple used coffee mugs and some homemade belts in the mix of gifts… so great.

I waited all day to get my gift from Patty… I could not wait.  Finally, she runs up to me and says…

– Rachel, I didn’t forget you.  Merry Christmas!

She hands me the package and I smile at the two name tags that both definitely do not say my name.

I open the package and am pleasantly surprised…

It’s a pair of gloves.  Wow.  I win… I actually got a great gift.

– Thanks, Patty!  These are awesome!

I hugged her and proceeded to try them on… I immediately had to stop myself from bursting out into joyous/amazing laughter…

It was just too awesome…


That’s right.

Two left hand gloves.

I win.

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