too much.

Beckett is the four-year-old stud that I babysit.  He really is awesome.

The other night, I had to pick him up from his parents’ Christmas party.

I arrived and was a little taken back by how excited Beckett was about Christmas partying… running around, eating handfuls of candy, running more.

Wow.  This will be a fun night.

So, after babysitting for the rest of the Live Water Property kiddos for a whole two seconds, I pulled Beckett away from the party by bribing him with gingerbread house-making.

We get home.

Run around more.

So, we’re running and Beckett takes a half-assed fall and I expect him to get right back up and start running again but instead he starts BAWLING… like, reeeeeeally, really crying.

I run up to him, confused, and ask…

– Beckettt, babe, what’s the matter?

– [in the crying so hard voice] I had too much sugar!


It took a lot not to laugh.  So I just held him and laughed to myself a bit.

Told him…

– Oh, it’s okay, darling… it happens to all of us.

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