pull their shoulders back.

New obsession with this one:

[song more attractive than lead singer.]

I think we should all run around in the warmth of the sun and dance to this… preferably in the ocean… preferably now…

but i'm still, i'm still an animal.

Somersaulting into some new go-tos these days, slowly but powerfully.  The lips that press back.

New Go-To: [you’ve heard me speak of her so, so highly before… but yes and yes] Miranda July.

The simple things.  The passages that didn’t hit before but burst now:

“I was helping kids left and right.  I was tapping in to their essential energies and leading them, if not into literacy, at least toward eventual pleasure.  I wanted all of them to know love one day.  I wanted the girls to pull back their shoulders and walk fearlessly into darkness.  I wanted the boys to settle down a little.”

Nobody knows it but me when I slip, yeah I slip…

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