…but i borrowed it.

This is my new favorite song... According to a friend... This a movie that reminds some Texans of me... According to a friend... Oh... no. Momma called me today.  Wanted to know more about the Yosemite climbing restrictions and the visitation ridiculousness.  Wanted to write a letter to YNP and said, "I mean... I'm passionate… Continue reading …but i borrowed it.

be hope.

Hey American Friends... How's it going?  I hope you're paying attention... because there's a lot going on... Tomorrow, President Obama is giving his State of the Union Address.  I'm sure you've heard about this and I hope you intend on watching. A lot of talk about our economy.  Where are the jobs?  And then Health… Continue reading be hope.

kept and kept.

Finding myself in everything. Myself. Wow.  Am I self-involved?  Narcissistic?  Probably.  I guess.  No.  Please, no.  Probably. - Your blog is very personal. - Yeah, I guess it is... I don't know what else I would write about. Is it a sign of uneducatedness to only write about myself?  [or is the give-away the word… Continue reading kept and kept.

let it go. this too shall pass.

I'm sick. But it's understandable.  After running around during a crazy holiday season, staying up til wee hours with friends singing and dancing our hearts out, skiing as much as possible [yes, with a cast], being a justified emotional trainwreck for a whole second, working like crazy... it's understandable. "Give yourself a break," is what… Continue reading let it go. this too shall pass.

i want bones like iron.

I love my job... but I'll be honest... the times when I la-huve my job are becoming few and far between these days. But today, oh today, I la-huved my job... [i work with adults with mental disabilities...] Two Coins I take two clients, Ronny and Sandy, to church every Sunday morning.  They don't really… Continue reading i want bones like iron.

talking to each other only in vowels.

I feel like things are coming full circle. Dejavu... but better. The hands of the clock, rounding closely to where they started... near the top. Resetting. Inside.  Fresh.  Clean.  New. Yes and yes! To celebrate? Good music... And a toast to dreaming... The Wind is ghosting around the house tonight and as I lean against… Continue reading talking to each other only in vowels.