she has hair.

Sitting at the library and this just happened…

Little boy comes up to me and [pretty much yells] says…

– Have you seen my mom?

– Umm… I don’t know what your mom looks like.

– Oh.

– What does she look like?

– She has hair.

So, not Sinead O’Connor.

– Alright.

– And she’s taller than you.

Doubtful.  And I’m sitting down.

– What else?

– Well, she is black.

I’m not trying to say I don’t believe you, White Bread, but I don’t believe you.

– Really?

A definitely white woman comes around the corner and whisper yells…

– Hayden!  Get over here!

Hayden looks at me and says…

– Thanks for your help!

– No problem.

Glad to know I still got the nanny look goin’ for me.

9 thoughts on “she has hair.”

  1. i am not racist. i have just only ever seen one black woman in jackson ever. i’d tell you about her but i feel, for some reason, that would make me seem more racist… which i’m not.

  2. hahahaha. i know who you are talking about. PS-was this Hayden at 8 or 9 year old…with dark hair…possible highlights in it???? I am thinking I taught this little nugget a few years ago.

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