let it go. this too shall pass.

I’m sick.

But it’s understandable.  After running around during a crazy holiday season, staying up til wee hours with friends singing and dancing our hearts out, skiing as much as possible [yes, with a cast], being a justified emotional trainwreck for a whole second, working like crazy… it’s understandable.

“Give yourself a break,” is what I’ve heard from my loved ones.  And voila!  Mandatory break.  Cuz my body’s kinda freaking out on me.

Yes, when I cough it sounds like I’ve smoked for 64 years.

Yes, I woke up at 4:45am with a crazy sore throat.

Yes, I had to come home and take a nap after going to check my mail and get a hot cider.

But it’s still a break from everything.  A time to sit.  Smile.

To write.

To think and be excited about a different outcome from the same occurrence.

Like in Mary Poppins, when she pours the children their medicine and it’s different colors and different flavors.  Same bottle, same pour, different taste.  Why can’t it be delicious this time?  Instead of bitter, biting.

Or like in Eternal Sunshine, when they’re reliving, erasing each other.  And they’re going through the first time they met, ran around together, found that abandoned beach house.  And Jim Carrey talks about how he was scared… how he ran away… Kate Winslet says she wish he would’ve stayed…

– I wish I would’ve stayed, too… NOW I wish I would’ve stayed… I wish I would’ve done a lot of things… I wish… I wish I would’ve stayed.

…they talk about the night.  Why he left.  What went wrong.  Because now they’re comfortable enough to be raw, honest, scared.

Then she says…

– Joely, what if you stayed this time?

And he did.  For a second.  And it was love.  It was different.  Not scary.

[long clip but i don’t care… my favorite favorite.]

I don’t know where I’m going with all this.  It’s just exciting to think that as redundant as life is sometimes, I will not be a pattern.  Things can be different.  Better.  Bright.

And a successful sick day equates to the amount of good, new music you get to listen to…

Bumming around the casa with the fab Dabs, listening to her music, she introduced me to a Mason Jennings song I’d never heard…

Who knew?

[poor quality video but AWESOME song… “like the compliments on a new summer dress”]

And a holler to Casey for showing me this ah-mazing OK Go video… you must watch…

And a huge holler to our local community radio station, KHOL, for constantly introducing me to awesome tunes, such as this one…

I could only find it here… ugh, I’m so inconvenient…


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