expecting a lot of compliments.

Too tired to function.

About the best just normal day ever.

Comprised of…

• Coffee with a friend over laughs.

• Finding that a client made her bed with a Snuggie.  Best.  Bedding.  Ever.  [she even tucked in the sleeves.]

• More coffee with two of my favorite clients.  One telling me, “You must be expecting a lot of compliments today, looking all nice and wearing that nice shirt you got on.”

• Reading Harry Potter to a captivated audience.

• Coloring.  Making “Everything That’s Awesome” cards for friends.

• A client who’s pants fell down crossing the street today.  [okay, this was kinda tragic… but ended up being laughable in hindsight.]

• Being treated to Organic Gingerbread Ice Cream.  [best ever.]  Walking around in the freezing, with a friend, eating ice cream and laughing.

• Finding the slingshot I want.

• Father of the Bride.

• Pizza.

• Beers with a friend I’ll always love and a new friend who I’m sure I’ll love hard.

• Roommating.  Laughing at my automatic, “Okay, I’ll be right there” response to, “Alright, I’m going to bed.”

Good day.

This was some of the most blah blahgging I’ve done… but yes.

Filled with love.

Hope you are as well.

5 thoughts on “expecting a lot of compliments.”

  1. p.s. this day’s gonna be great already, i can tell… i’m currently at the library with a client and when we parked the car, i turned to him and said…

    – Alright, let’s go do some libraryin’!

    which definitely sounded like, “Let’s go do some librarian.”

    he looked at me, very confused and i retracted my statement, saying…

    – That didn’t sound right… Let’s go to the library! Yay….

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