…but i borrowed it.

This is my new favorite song…

According to a friend…

This a movie that reminds some Texans of me…

According to a friend…

Oh… no.

Momma called me today.  Wanted to know more about the Yosemite climbing restrictions and the visitation ridiculousness.  Wanted to write a letter to YNP and said, “I mean… I’m passionate about it because I love Yosemite… because I trust how much you love Yosemite.”

Made me think.  That’s what love is.  Or, no.  That is a result of real love… trusting… blindly.  Knowing someone so well [loving someone so deeply, truly] that you just trust them… trust their passions… their beliefs.  I don’t know if I’ve ever loved someone that purely… but I imagine it… I believe in it… I hope for it… I love the idea of it.

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