pause. smile. wave.

Had to work today/tonight.  At CES [Community Entry Services]. [that's with adults with disabilites.] Worked with a group I don't usually work with... including Benny [who's 74]. Friday nights they go out to eat with their house. Everyone's ready... except for Benny. Benny's running... oh, an hour behind schedule. After telling him over and over… Continue reading pause. smile. wave.

i will knock you off your feet. [i’ve got imagination.]

I kinda feel like this... Just so tired and blah. But I wanted to communicate... with... well... you, I guess. New favorites: [great song, meh video.] Dinosaur Feathers. I obviously automatically loved them just based on their name.  But then after listening, turns out I really do love love them. I recommend listening to their… Continue reading i will knock you off your feet. [i’ve got imagination.]

[wow] happy.

Found this... ...this morning, in my favorite e-magazine: Picame. And it made me happy... because I am happy.  !!  [whoa.] Having my mom here is a great gage to how life is going.  I find myself getting excited about showing off every aspect of my life here in Jackson. This is where I work. These… Continue reading [wow] happy.

for so long.

Yes, yes... What you've read in all the gossip mags is true: I've bought the domain "". Professional, right? Yes, I've officially spent money on a non-profiting website... outlet... a blahg, if you will. ...and I'm psyched. It's a very symbolic [i don't think this is right but i'll roll with it] part of my… Continue reading for so long.

we can live on misbehavior.

My best best friend, Lisa, is gorgeous... in every way.  She's also fabulous.  Lives in Manhattan, doesn't wear pants [only skirts or dresses], recommends the best books/music, etc., etc. Anywho, a while back Lisa told me that if there was one band that would define her as a whole, it would be Belle & Sebastian.  Which… Continue reading we can live on misbehavior.

bears, beets, battlestar galactica.

About the best weekend ever. Lounging, loving on friends, coffee, cinnamon rolls, coffee. Then my first day volunteering at KHOL [our community radio station]. Wow. I. Am. So. Excited. I got to put together a two hour show.  I got to make a two hour long mix CD... that will be on the radio!  Srrrrrsly,… Continue reading bears, beets, battlestar galactica.

serious hunting.

Just did a banner for JH Underground is owned and operated by the nicest guy in Jackson, Jim Stanford. When I last minutely decided I was going to move back to Jackson from Australia and had no car, no job, hardly any money and no friends with poachable living spaces, Jim Stanford came through...… Continue reading serious hunting.