bears, beets, battlestar galactica.

About the best weekend ever.

Lounging, loving on friends, coffee, cinnamon rolls, coffee.

Then my first day volunteering at KHOL [our community radio station].


I. Am. So. Excited.

I got to put together a two hour show.  I got to make a two hour long mix CD… that will be on the radio!  Srrrrrsly, how cool is that?!  And AND I can make it into a link that I can’t post [sadly] but I CAN send to lovelies!  You can hear my whole show!  Me talking and everything!  I am too excited about this… no, it’s worth it.

I really didn’t want to leave the station.  I was there for two hours and it felt like 15 minutes.  Cannot wait to go back.

Then dinner with amazings.


Katrina made her tikka masala… my favorite meal ever.

obviously i didn't like it at all.

Then laughing, bluegrass, cute bearded men, dancing with friends!, mystery neil encounter [remind me to tell these stories later], dancing, house party, throwing stars, laughing, laughing, love.

And then today.  Total lounging.

Loving it.

jules... amazing.

Watching The Office.  Eating leftover tikka masala.

Wonderful ending to this glorious weekend.

Just wanted to share.  Hope your life is filled with love, joy, dancing and lounging.

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