we can live on misbehavior.

My best best friend, Lisa, is gorgeous… in every way.  She’s also fabulous.  Lives in Manhattan, doesn’t wear pants [only skirts or dresses], recommends the best books/music, etc., etc.

Anywho, a while back Lisa told me that if there was one band that would define her as a whole, it would be Belle & Sebastian.  Which is perfect… beautiful… because she’s beautiful.

I thought of her this morning, whilst drinking coffee, writing, because this song came on…

Such a great song.  “Don’t look back… Like Dylan in the movies.”

I love that it makes me think of her.

Then I was thinking… “What group defines me?”  And I know what band I want to say…

The Arcade Fire.

Ugh.  Love.

I hope.  I want.  I want to be as energetic, as passionate, as crazy, as beautiful, as collaborative, as fun, as glorious as them.  I think wanting is enough.  They’re my defining band.  The Arcade Fire.

Okay, I’ll stop.

[at least watch the first and last.  LOVE.]

I remember asking this “What musical artist defines you?” question to a boy I was dating once.  I don’t remember his answer, but I remember thinking, “Really?”

I think it’s a very telling question.  Don’t you think you can tell a lot about a person by their answer to that?

Makes me so curious.  Who would my parents say?  Who would my friends say?  Who would that cute bartender say?

Who would you say?

4 thoughts on “we can live on misbehavior.”

  1. I can’t say that this album (now cd) defines me, but if I was on a deserted island and was allowed just one cd, it would probably be Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg’s Twin Sons of Different Mothers. Chances are I’d have it on my new Ipod (which I totally love.) In that case, I don’t know why I wouldn’t be allowed more tunes. So, I’ll get back with you if I come up with anymore favs.

  2. Rachel: Jake’s future cousin-in-law in starting a podcast that basically answers that question, except not in band, but in song. Tell us about a song that you love, that you have a story about, that defines you or a moment of you. Check out his podcast on my blog. And, maybe send us yours! Have an excellent day! xoxoxoxox!

  3. momma: okay. so first off, i was like, “what? who? what in the world? who are those people??” so then i googled them… found this…

    and i laughed REAL hard…

    a] i think i’ve heard this song a million times during my life… it fell into dad’s massive shuffle of surround-sound background music for the stevens home many a times.

    b] the pictures throughout the video… wow. please tell me you never had crushes on these men. but if you did, my mysterious liking for bearded men would make more sense.

    c] so random. i love you so so much.

    whales: ONE song? whoa. there are so so many! i will ponder… i’d love to put something together.

    did you know that my all all time favorite song is this:

    ? [p.s. the video is amazingly awkward/straight up amazing.] yeah, i can’t not be joyous when this song starts… but that’s about all to that story. no romantic/inspiring background.


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