for so long.

Yes, yes… What you’ve read in all the gossip mags is true: I’ve bought the domain ““.

Professional, right?

Yes, I’ve officially spent money on a non-profiting website… outlet… a blahg, if you will.

…and I’m psyched.

It’s a very symbolic [i don’t think this is right but i’ll roll with it] part of my life now.  Spending time/energy on the things that don’t make money, don’t make résumés, don’t make grandparents proud… but make myself selfy.

It’s awesome.

The teacher of my print class…

– Feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions… except not before 10am… cuz I’m usually hungover.

A line from a fellow programmer at KHOL

– I was getting pretty burnt out on Jackson… and then I started volunteering here… now I don’t know if I’ll ever leave.


Busy.  Fur sure.

But beautiful.

Today, walking, I thought, “Wow.  I am the person I’ve wanted to be.”

Narcissistic?  Nah.  Okay, probably.

But, no.

A realization of the importance of living in the now… loving the you in your vessel… being the truth of the only moment of now we have… yes and yes… being you.  me.  us?  us.


I want to be the girl with the red shoes.

I want to be the girl that asked/said, “How’s your walk going?  Good?  Ohp!  Too late to answer!”

I want to be the human exclamation point.

I want to be your Valentine.

I want to be his friend, “the one with that ‘wull hay’ blahg.”

I want to be that girl you heard on the radio.

I want to be the girl that you thought of because you saw/read/heard…

I want to be the girl with her mom, laughing, smiling, at the bluegrass show.

I want to be the girl with the shitty print that’s still smiling about learning.

I want to be the girl with the fancy drink.

I want to be the girl you saw dancing up there.

I am.

I’ve wanted to be me for so long.

3 thoughts on “for so long.”

  1. Wullhay, congratulations Rachel on owning this domain. Thanks for sharing your talent and life experiences. I can’t wait wait to be the mom laughing, smiling, walking and dancing with you.
    Love you, babe.

  2. goodness. this post slapped me in the face hard. i’m going to read this whenever i feel down on myself. we all need to find ways to keep ourselves selfy. you’re amazing. thanks for this. SO much.

  3. soooo….was it expensive? just wondering…cause i think i wanna buy mine too…I haven’t researched it obviously..but i just was asking L.whaley about it….

    one more thing…i am actually going to POB tomorrow…and needed your address again…facebook it too me.

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