pause. smile. wave.

Had to work today/tonight.  At CES [Community Entry Services].

[that’s with adults with disabilites.]

Worked with a group I don’t usually work with… including Benny [who’s 74].

Friday nights they go out to eat with their house.

Everyone’s ready… except for Benny.

Benny’s running… oh, an hour behind schedule.

After telling him over and over that it’s time to get in the van, I, frustrated as hell, go sit in the van and wait with the other clients.

I might’ve honked.  Just maybe.

I’m thinking, C’mon dude!  It’s time to get our Pizza Hut on!

Fine.uh.lly, Benny comes out of his apartment.  He starts walking down the stairs.  And I’m thinking, Thank God.

Then he just stops.  Mid stairs.

And I’m thinking, What the eff now?!

[overly frustrated.]

He takes off both his gloves, reaches for his back pocket, pulls out a hanky and blows his nose.  Then he looks right at me, smiles [sans dentures… just one big, gummy smile] and waves at me with the snotty hanky.  Then he proceeds to put his hanky back in his pocket, his gloves back on and walks down the rest of the stairs to join us in the awaiting van.


Made me smile to myself.  Eat my thoughts.

Reminds me to pause.  Smile.  Wave.  Not take myself too seriously.

Pause.  Smile.  Wave.

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