this shit is bananas.

Went to buy bananas the other night.  Just bananas.  Well, and tea.  I’m broke, y’all.

Anywho, my options for bananas were…

Regular bananas… in a bunch… as is.


Organic bananas… in a plastic bag… every single bunch in their own plastic bag.

Really, Dole?

plasticy organicy.

Well, pick your poison.

My biggest complaints?  How the hell am I supposed to make produce phone calls with a plastic wrapping?!

i can't hear you!

[p.s. stop judging.  ain’t nothin’ wrong with a girl in her pjs still at noon.]

This one goes out to my girl, Brittnee… who listened to this song probably a dillion times when we were roommates in college.

6 thoughts on “this shit is bananas.”

  1. …and got in LOTS of trouble by mike?

    yes, i vaguely remember that.

    i was wearing a black slip and gold high heels.

  2. you must have done lots of numbers on that stage, rach, cause what comes to my mind is you ribbon dancing.

  3. justin timberlake dance parties, ribbon dancing, velociraptor imitating, even a secret late night make-out once…

    that chapel stage had no idea what was gonna hit it when rachel stevens enrolled at umhb.

  4. Rach: Nice post. I often wonder why Trader Joe’s has so much packaging!? It’s a constant worry to me – buy organic stuff with packaging or non-organic stuff at the Farmer’s Market. Buy organic stuff from far away or non-organic stuff from down the street. For more on bananas, and the correct pronunciation, click here.

  5. whoa, we were JUST having a heated discussion about trader joe’s today at work!

    why so popular with so much packaging?? why you need a bell pepper shaped plastic container around each bell pepper?? why you need to put four avocados in a bag?? i just want one!

    oh, joe… maybe one day you’ll figure out your produce. until then, well, i’ll still see you every time i visit friends in hipper cities.

    i’ll be the girl with a cart full of triple ginger snaps and a case of two buck chuck.

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