First off, two months ago called me today.  He told me to get so, so psyched on this song/video:

Secondly, what’s better than a Rock Opera?

A Folk Opera.

[well, unless it’s a rock opera with puppets…]

Just saw An Education.

Very good.

Makes me want pretty dresses from the 60s and some super hipster bangs.

Some of you MUST see it.

Yes and yes.  Dreamland.  Miranda July.  Henry Darger.  The break in.  Etc, whatevs.  Go see it.

4 thoughts on “hollers.”

  1. Folk opera sounds great…but do we really need ANOTHER post-apocalyptic America scenario? I am interested in hearing it though.

  2. Loved, loved An Education. Hmm. I realize that when I put my blinky curser between A and N in the word “An” it actually looks like “Ah Education” which is almost a better title. Like “Ahhh, Education…” which is ironic, because, let’s face it. Bangs and all, Jenny is totally a retro hipster with the typical fascination in a semi-attractive older man with better records. It’s like Ghost World without Thora Birch.

  3. Ahhhh, Education.

    Yes, a likely tale. A better than bad looking man who’s definitely older and maybe a bit more hip. But that’s all. Wait, Jenny… just wait. I bet if you stay your hip self, you’ll find a hipster you’re own age who will grow up to be just as hip as David and probably a lot less creepy.

    But was it worth the experience? Was it worth the fun times she had, the things she saw, the life she got to live… LIVE! Remember her boring life before? “I don’t want to hear any french singing!” Living, actually living, but then being broken, a walking, open wound… or being beige and safe and going to Oxford? Worth it?

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