telesaurus rex.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…  b-e-a-utiful!

Got to watch some of the Town Downhill.  [a downhill ski race in town… obvi.]

Brought some clients [cuz i’m working].  We got to see Anna speed down the hill dressed as a dinosaur.  [a woman after my own heart.]  She was coined the “Telesaurus Rex”.  Awesome.

[this is where i wish i would’ve had my camera.  picture an amazing picture of a ski racer dressed as a dinosaur.]

My clients met Anna and we’re in total awe.  They kept saying, “Anna Davis was the only woman to tele in the race!”  It was adorable.

When walking home, we ran into a couple of my friends.  I introduced my clients.  They responded with…

– Hi, nice to meet you.  We got to meet Anna Davis!

I smiled so big.  I think I might have to get Anna to sign something for them.

So, next up in the Jackson outdoor community competitions is the PPP… the Pole Pedal Paddle.  I’ve always said that I won’t be a true Jacksonite until I participate in the PPP.

Well… Does this count?

PPP T-Shirt Design by moi.
PPP Ad Design by moi.

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