St. Patrick’s Day was an amazing success of a night.

Who knew so many people could fit into a quaint Wilson guest house?

And the kicker of the amazing night was that the lovely Gretchen Davis was there!


Gosh, I love this girl.

She’s the girl that’s drinking rum and cokes on St. Paddy’s while everyone else is having car bombs and whiskey drinks.  Awesome.

I walk into the party last night and it is a scene… I notice a box of Lucky Charms and laugh at my funny/precious friends cuz I totally know that Dabz [awesome roommate extraordinaire] is responsible for that.

The night continues, the laughs multiply, the dancing steps up…

Wait… Where’s Gretch?

– Is Gretchen standing out on the back porch by herself?

Sure enough.

So I go out there, walk up to her…

– Gretch, what are you doing out here by yourself?

– Eatin’ Lucky Charms……… and lookin’ for Char’s dog.

I don’t really have anything to say to that… just laugh.

Then, from outta nowhere, Gretch gets all fired up, looks at her handful of Lucky Charms and yells…


…throws her handful of Lucky Charms out in the yard and storms back into the house.

I’m laughing so hard as I follow her inside.  Char sees us walk in, get a confused look on her face and asks…

– Where’s my dog?

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