mixing it up.

I have friends who live off of a road called, “Heck of a Hill Road”… no kidding.

This winter, my poor car, Bruce, could not make it up to their houses for good, fun times.

So, I’d have to park at the bottom and a friend would have to shuttle me up.

The first time someone picked me up, I thanked them with a mix cd from my collection in my car.

The next time, I rewarded a ride with yet another mix cd from my car collection.

It kinda became my M.O.

And then I gave a mix from my car to my friend, Allison.

– Yes!  Oh, I’m excited about this… We listen to your other mixes all the time during car pools.

– Yay!  That’s awesome.

– I think it’s so cute that you still make mix cds.

– Oh, thanks.

Wait, what?!  Cute??  Still??

I LOVE making mix cds.  It’s my love language.

Making mix cds definitely a staple for any package sent, any gift given, any road trip taken, any relationship started.

I just gave one to a friend yesterday!

holler at some mixes!

It reads, “Mix CDs from Rach… Reason #287 to Move Back to Jackson”.

But maybe I’m behind the times… Maybe it’s not cool anymore.  Oh well.  I very much like the writing on the disc, the packaging in a magazine page, the physical gift of dancing, singing times.

This is not sufficient:  http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/47998213 But I did give it a shot.  Take a listen if you’d like.

2 thoughts on “mixing it up.”

  1. I am lovin’ the mix of tunes on my latest gift. You really nailed down my tastes on this one. I love the Carlene Carter songs, The Tractors, the…, the… the whole thing. THANKS. I have to think your dad got you started on this whole expression of enjoyment and gratitude. Remember the home made tapes dad made for every vacation we ever went on? He still makes cd’s for every outing/vacation we ever embark on. It’s a given that dad will be mixing music while I go crazy getting everything else ready. (I’m just glad we’ve progressed from the mega time-consuming tapes to cd era.) I do appreciate the music. This is the part where dad would say”yeah,when she’s not sleeping.” Anyways, love your gift and seeing the makings of family tradition.

  2. oh, momma… this made my heart so warm. i love you guys. and i love that i never noticed how dad and i are very much alike in so many ways [this being one of them].

    so so glad you love the cd… there was much love put into it!


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