documented in a kitchen.

come here, baby... don't be frightened.

So much ridiculousness.

This is me procrastinating.

But I had to document real fast.

First off, I’m wearing more make-up in this picture than I have since… well, like Halloween or something.  Maybe some other event.  But never in real Jackson life do I wear this much.

A friend at work and I decided to do each other up middle school style.  Full on, look up how to do make-up in a magazine and then put make-up on each other.  The vibe was complete with America’s Next Top Model on in the background and a full supply of giggles.

Secondly, I’m wearing a hat that was MADE for me by the craftiest man I know.  It has a dinosaur on it.  It rules.

Third off, holy moly… My hands look like jelly fish made out of sausages.  And I’m real tired so it’s makin’ me laugh pretty regularly.

Also, I kinda look like a crazy clown that wants to hold your children… and then steal them in hopes to work on our center ring routine for years to come.  [side note: i do not want to steal your children.]

Finally, I’m in my kitchen… yet again.

When I look back to this thing [this here blahg], I’m not sure if I’ll be disappointed that my life is documented in a kitchen.  A kitchen.  A TINY kitchen.  But listen… LISTEN!  I promise you all of my life is not lived in this kitchen.

There are other kitchens.  And other houses, even.  And then there is the outside, the outdoors, yes the outside!  There are rivers, there are mountains, there is coffee [thank the lord there is coffee], there is music, there is a world I know beyond this kitchen.  And then… then… the people!

The people outside this kitchen are gorgeous.  [occasionally gorgeous people visit the kitchen… very, very gorgeous.]  But, my goodness, have you met the people out there?  There are some [many] worth smiling towards.  Go give some.

Received this from a girl worth smiling at:

Nekkid time.  Ohhh….  [v. cool.]

Well, must [MUST] get to work.  I feel like I’m preparing for an all-nighter.  Like in college when I used to stock up on essentials for the wee-hours, the music mix stocked up just right, the allowed distractions at my fingertips and the others out of reach.

Wish me luck.

And good luck to you, lovelies.

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