fake and real love.

I posted this picture as my Facebook profile picture today:


It was a great April Fool’s.  I got some great text messages and whatnot… but not the reaction I had expected.  I guess it wasn’t that believable… BUT this could’ve been the most exciting time of my life here, people!

My fave reaction: I was sitting at the local brew pub when an ex-boyfriend/now friend walks up to me, says nothing, grabs my left hand, looks at it, finds it blank and says, “No congratulations in order.”


Maybe I should’ve tried to convince people I have a child… and used the most amazing child [bard, the cutie i nanny for] as bait…

we are so pensive.
look. at. that. HAIR.
nanny love.
serious talk time.
watching the birds.
oh, i really do love him.

[sorry… that’s enough.  i just do love love him very much.]

[hope you had a great april fool’s!]

2 thoughts on “fake and real love.”

  1. This is one of those blogs I can’t keep from looking at over and over again.
    I’ll check to see if you’ve put up anything new and then I’ll see this and have to look at the precious pictures of you and Bard (over and over.) Gosh, they just melt my heart. So sweet,so sweet. Thanks.

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