the glaciers made you and now you’re mine.

A line from a friend today…

– This is the season for change and you seem like you have a lot of change in your life right now.

Writing like I care again.

Living like I care again.

Listening like I care again.

“the quiet of this night.

the only person breathing for blocks, for miles, for lives.  lifetimes long and you’re the only one alive.

the music sets the soundtrack of this moment.  and moments many hearts before.  it is too perfect and when you picture analyzing this scene from the reel, looking back, you’ll say, “this is one of my favorite favorite scenes.  the song that used to be so special but now just is and is okay, is symbolic of everything coming full circle.

everything being right instead of wrong.”

tired from working: staring at a screen. (

yes and yes, over and over:

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