chilly mornings and the teton county library.

When I visited Jackson in college with my family, I rented a bike and rode around one morning.  It was cooler than I had expected.  Hands freezing, eyes watering, fresh air, smiling like an idiot, an idiot who doesn’t care, she’s so happy.

Rode to the library.  Thought, Wow, I love this library.

You can tell a lot about a town by it’s library.

I love the library this day.  Makes me thinks of when I first fell in love with it.  And then I think to my bike ride this morning and it’s all too right.

Things are different now.

I’m less naive.

I’m realistic about my Jackson dreams [though the reality is overwhelmingly exciting].

I drink coffee now.  [the library’s coffee.]  And I am thankful.

This library, the people, the books, are familiar.  And I am thankful.

[although i am sad they don’t have the last harry potter.]

[cuz i think i’m ready.]

1 thought on “chilly mornings and the teton county library.”

  1. Hey, RLM – Enjoyed your post, especially since I work at the library. So, happy we’re a positive community touch point for you, past and now. Kirsten @TCLib

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