oh, how it clings to me.

I have a new love.

Yes, yes… love, love, love… blah, blah, blah.

KHOL and I have recently become intimate.

Just hung out there with the fabulous, Sam Petri whilst he rocked it on his show.  [if you’re in the jackson area, check out his show thursday nights from 8 – 10pm… do it.]

Fun times.

Towards the end, he let me take control of the wheel and play a few songs off my raptop.  This is in preparation for Tuesday… morning… from 8 – 10am… when I’ll be launching MY show on KHOL.  [insert mass excitement.]

I played these three songs tonight…

[love love passion pit… and flufftronix remixes usually rule.  so, there.]

Then I threw down…

[phantogram… if you don’t know, now you know…]

And then there was…

[i wasn’t real sure if this flowed with petri’s show… but i love love it.  makes me wanna throw glitter around and dance in the woods with all my favorite people.]

Good times.

The only problem is that I haven’t figured out what my show name is gonna be or if I’m gonna have a radio names.  These is troubles.

Suggestions have been…

“Morning Times” with Your Ray Ray of Sunshine.

“In the A.M.” with Rachel.

“You’re at Work, I’m in My Pajamas, Bitch!” with Rachel.

“Coffee, Please” with No Pants Rachel.

…and, yes.  If you have suggestions, please holler.  It’s Tuesday and I’m nervous.  Kinda.  More excited than nervous.  I’ve never been so excited volunteering in my whole life.  Pretty rad.

Anywho, tune in, donate, love, volunteer… Community Radio.

And I’ll leave you with my fave track that Sam played…

2 thoughts on “oh, how it clings to me.”

  1. no, sorry… can’t listen online.

    we’re a pretty new station without the funding to broadcast. it’s crazy all the licenses you have to get [buy] to do rad things like stream.

    anywho… you’ll just have to visit jackson to listen!

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