don’t even smile.

There are so many [SO MANY] things I want to write about these days.  I don’t know why/how I haven’t found the time to.  The time to write about…

• Watching the hail like it was the first time.

• Cutting pumpkin squash.

• Traveling home.  Leaving home.

• “The world is so grateful.”

• A grandmother’s process.

But alas, I sit in an airport [the denver one] and I’m currenty on the Full Family Tour, so no time.

People are boarding to Austin.  Why they don’t look more excited about it, I do not know.  We should all be singing and hugging and high-fiving together… we’re traveling… to Austin!  But instead, we don’t make eye-contact.  We don’t even smile.  We even gimmace a bit.  Oh, life is so hard.

I hope daily travels find you well.  We’ll talk soon.


p.s. new fave:

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