if i had a sword.

Lindsey Yankey, you’ve heard me talk of her before, has had some amazing posts lately.  And since I don’t have anything interesting to share, I’m going to defer to a couple of her’s…

Library Observation #1

I’ve been meaning to write about the library once in a while. Here’s my first go

Kids are awesome.

I over heard a couple of boys in the children’s room at the library this morning. There about eight and the one talking looks like a mini Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff says to his friend who is apparently not near as excited about dinosaurs as himself;


you should have seen.

Do you know how big insects were at this time? There there was a centipede as long as a car and this wide! (holding his hands about a foot apart) It would have scared you out of your face!!!’

‘Not if I had a sword.’


Library Observation #2

No, I did not draw this. I found it near the dog/how-to-draw section in the children’s room. Not just a Great Dane…this kid drew a Greater Dane.

[amazing.  i love it.  and then lindsey made an amazing piece of art for a love of mine…]

The girl is talented.  The girl is lovely.

And I think she’d like this song… just maybe…

p.s.  Speaking of awesome kids…

check. that. hair.
so so happy.

1 thought on “if i had a sword.”

  1. I love that painting. I just love elephants.
    That little scene in the library reminds me of the time my after school kids decided that true love’s kiss wasn’t the most powerful thing in the world-monster trucks are.
    Hope you are well. I don’t have much to blog about either. Well, I do, but I don’t.

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