the true fun class.

First off: The rain will not stop.

– You should totally do the Run and Ride for the Cure with me.  Please.

– Allison, I don’t bike.

– You can do it in teams!

– ……Alright, we’ll do it.  Evan doesn’t know it yet, but I’m sure he’s in.

Look up on the website, the night before, 11pm… to find out where this race is… what time it is…

found on the website.

– Evan, can we tell them I wanna be in the division with the kids that run in helmets?

We decided we’re definitely in the Fun Division.

Wake up.  It’s pouring.  Duh.

Driving over.

– What should our team name be?

– Team Freezing and Soaked.

– Team Why Are We doing This.

– Team Allison.

– Allison Frederick Cheerleading Squad.

– Done.

The new radio station is playing…

Turn it up.  Car Dance.

Get there.  People on bikes that don’t go anywhere.  Pedalling like mad.  People doing sprints.

– I’m tired just looking at them.

– Fun Class.  We’re in the Fun Class.

Set up.

Time to run.

[without a bib… cuz fun class does not get one.]

Run.  In the rain.  Refreshing.  Cold.

Passing, passing, passing.


Getting passed.

Cheering for the men and women in spandex who have already made the turn.

– Woooo!  You’re doing awesome!

Coming to the transition.  Focused on the green helmet of my partner.

Then, surprising me… people with stop-watches on the sidelines, yelling at me…


– Uhh… Fun Class!

Another person…



Ha.  It was comical.  Apparently, I must’ve been one of the first Fun Classers [out of like ten] to come across the finish line.  To me, it was telling of my time in Jackson.


– Ha… I’m okay.

Evan sets off, and before I know it, he’s back!  Whoa.  Fast.  Coming across the finish line, he’s yelled at as well.  He looks confused and says…

– Fun Class.  Fun Class.

It was great.  Fun times.

Allison did great… kicked tail.  I had fun.  Ev almost threw up… but had fun.

We were all soaked.  Drove to Allison’s house to dry off and change clothes.

This song on in the car…

Turn it up.  Car dance party.

Change.  Get back in the car to drive back to the race.  This song was playing…

Turn it up.  Car dance party.

[i’m seriously thinking about having another radio show late at night sometime where i play only really bad/awesome pop/rap music and dj under an alter-ego.]

Get back to the race site.

But the best came towards the end of it all.  With the Kids Race.  The kids Run and Ride was maybe the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

A little girl running in a pink Strawberry Shortcake raincoat.

A little boy running in his cowboy boot rainboots.


The bike.

A tiny litte girl on a scooter bike.  A bike with no pedals.  Her just scooting her little legs off.  Smiling and laughing.  The true Fun Class.  Pure.

I almost cried.  She was too precious.

I wanted to be in her class.  I saw the magic in that joy.  That fun.  There.

I want more scooter bike joy in my life.

2 thoughts on “the true fun class.”

  1. haha. so 2 years ago…my friend and i did the FUN class and we were the only ones..i dressed up…in a tutu or something and didn’t get a BIB number either…people were yelling at me as well. It was funny. I wanted to go on Sunday..BUT the rain deterred me….should’VE went to see you…hehehehe

  2. that is amazing. my partner really wanted to dress up. i always am down for a dress up… but we needed all the help we could get. i told him i would dress up as something very aerodynamic… but then i was afraid i’d be THAT girl… running slow… in a speed suit.

    i’m planning on coming over to your side for a couple races this summer. maybe i’ll see you there!

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