in between.

Here I sit.  Between awesome events.  On a Friday night.  Blahgging.

I’ve been gone.  In Oregon.  Can’t wait to tell you about the most humilated I’ve ever been on a trail.  Phew.  It was awesome.

Then it was Anna’s birthday.  We Thanksgivinged.  Said what we’re thankful for… what we’re not.  Tradition.

I am so so thankful.  Thankful that it’s been a year [yesterday] since I moved back to Jackson.  Back to Jackson to find a family of friends.  A family of community.  A family of artists.  A family of love.  So thankful.

Community.  Just got back from the Friends of Pathways Bike Week Party.  Sunshine!  Laughing!  Friends!  Beer!  Shane won the wheely contest.  Cuz he rules.  Life is happier when the sun’s shining on caring smiles and most of those belong to people you call friends.

Now off to… a fire fest?  Or something.  Unclear.

And then… THEN.  It’s the KHOL Fundraiser Solstace Dance Party.  Hells yeah!  You.  YOU better be there.  9:30 at Thai Me Up.  I know it’s late notice… but put on the tightest jeans you can drop it like it’s hawt in and meet me there.  I’ll be the tall girl smiling in it all.  Dancing.  That is right.  Dancing!

[not from our station… but we play ’em, we love ’em… holy f*ck!]

Hello Summer,

I missed you so so dearly.  You always brought out the best in me.

Can’t wait to get together many more times soon in this smiley romance.


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