goofy just like you.

The best kind of compliment... I Music on Mained last night: with family [my bro!] and loves [friends!]. Ran into a bud that I see more on the internet than I see in person.  We had a lovely little conversation before the dance ground called. When I got home, I got an email from… Continue reading goofy just like you.

when we were nice guys.

I forgot to tell you about Targhee Fest! First off, I'm in love with that music festival.  Hoola-hooping with the best of 'em.  Making faces with children.  Hanging with friends I hardly get to see.  Dancing.  Dancing.  Talking with minor rock stars.  Talking with major rock stars.  Dancing with medium rock stars.  Pretending I'm a… Continue reading when we were nice guys.

just some things.

finally, the flat white explained... along with many more... and... well, this is kinda mean... but i couldn't help myself.  as a graphic designer, you get to do a lot of rad stuff... but sometimes you have to put up with some ridiculouses.  hilarious, must read: soon soon i will write about my music… Continue reading just some things.