your whole self.

I was so inspired to write earlier.

Now I’m not.

Not that it really matters.

This thing is silly.

But everything’s silly.

Sharing is silly, giving is silly, taking is silly, singing, dancing, smiling, trying, not, etc. It all is, right? So, it’s okay. Right?

Got this from a love:

Wow. LOVE.

Heard this from another:

I was walking a bit above the hospital today, when I saw something crazy/amazing/heartbreaking.

It was a blind man who had dropped his cane. He was feeling around with his foot, looking for it.

I was too far away to run immediately to help… I would have… I would have… I saw that there was a man running to help him.

But watching him for those few seconds got to me… hard.

I started crying, instantly. I was almost sobbing. And I’m not sure why.

Just watching him look… it hit home.

The embodiment of searching before you can go forward… with all that you are… your whole self.

I’m not sure if it was too real, too symbolic, too sad, too beautiful, too wrong, too right… don’t know.

It just got to me.

You know. Those things. That just get to you.

2 thoughts on “your whole self.”

  1. thanks, chad! i checked out your site and found this:

    “Since March 13, 2008, Homebrewed Christianity Podcast is hand-crafted by Tripp Fuller and Chad Crawford. These two friends talk to each other, interview other ecclesial brewers, and hopefully encourage those who listen to journey towards a more beautiful life with God and the world.”

    …not gonna lie, when i read the last line, i read, “…and hopefully encourage those (who listen to Journey) towards a more beautiful life with God and the world.”

    i could get on board with a christianity that homebrews and makes you listen to Journey as a requisite.

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