hot and fun.

Coming home from a late pub dinner…

– Oh!  Can I stop by the station real quick?  I wanna grab the shows I recorded off the computer… and maybe a playlist or two.

– Sure.  Is anyone gonna be there?

– Yeah, but I’m sure they won’t mind.

No one was there.  Just a pre-recorded log playing… SUCH good tunes.  Couldn’t help our little doo-wop dance party…

[right before minute two is when it gets real good.]

Only found two playlists… and two weeks apart… so not a good sampling because I like to play songs every other week that I really, really like.  But starting now, I’ll put them up right after Tuesday’s show.


[the second one is tons and tons better.]

Morning Scramble 6.22
Morning Scramble 7.6

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