who wants popcorn?

I do not approve of ponchos… and definitely not men wearing ponchos…

But I do approve of this song…

In other fashion news: I recently decided I want [will] to be that girl who wears bandannas around her neck…

i can't remember what boyscouts do.

Just like I used to be…

the moment we decided to take over the world.

1 thought on “who wants popcorn?”

  1. Hi Rachel, Panchos no. But I’m a bandana girl from way back when. And just recently brought out my best of old bandanas, you know, the ones that are very worn and soft, comfy and easily tied around your neck. I’ve been wearing them with t-shirts and I love it. Replaced my necklaces with bandanas and light-weight scarves. Glad to see you in them. And yes, I am still admiring that great picture of you, wearing that awesome turqoise bandana with Lisa. My goodness you’ve got good fashion sense.
    Love you. momma

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