nuances of the beauty.

Around town early early this morning.

Remembering what a friend told me…

– The people you meet early in the morning are always a lot nicer than the people you’ll meet late at night.

Not sure if they’re right.  Probably.

I didn’t actually meet anyone.  I just looked at them and imagined how nice they are.

How they would love to have a cup of coffee with me and talk about how the smell of my deodorant makes me feel like I’m in Yosemite and then they’d talk about a smell that always brings them back.

We’d talk about our favorite morning songs…

…of all time:

…right now:

We’d get caught up talking about nuances of the beauty in our lives and then realize, “oh!  it’s another beautiful day!”

We’d part with sweet words because they were just so… nice.

It could’ve happened.

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