and i saw it say.

Last minute outing found me on my bike.  It was late, I wasn’t going far, I didn’t bring a headlamp.

Now, I don’t recommend this at all… it is not the safest choice… but last night, it was amazing.  Worth it.

It felt like a Texas summer night… the best temperature.  Biking around in shorts, a t-shirt, a cardigan.  Looking up to see the amazing stars and the moon.  The moon.  Lighting my way and mesmorizing my soul.

I wanted to bike forever.  I wanted to have somewhere else to go.  I must’ve wanted this more than I realized because before I knew it, I had passed my destination.  Quick turn-around, but still glancing up at the magical night heavens.

And then today, thinking of my magical bike time, I remembered a commercial I was obsessed with as a younger me…

I love it.  I like it more on bikes… but I’ll those moments however I can get them.

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