i couldn’t if i tried.

I’m sitting at home, drinking wine, being unproductively productive whilst watching Dark Was the Night Live.

found at your local urban outfitters.

It’s amazingly filled with Yeasayer, Feist, David Byrne, Bon Iver, etc.  You should check it out.  Or at least the albums… by far my favorite compilation ever.

Just one:

And then, at the end of one of the bonus songs, they’re playing the credits whilst they let the background small talk and instument tuning run.  It’s very Blogotheque-esque:

Anywho, someone says, “Are they playing, ‘Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart’?”

I immediately had a very strange Disney flashback.  I had to search the YouTubes to validate my creepy feeling… and I did… I so did:

Pretty sure I was obsessed with this as a child, because as soon as it started, I knew exactly what was going to happen in each scene.  And it is still soooo weird.

Elton, what the hell!?  And Minnie, well… I don’t even know where to start… stop giggling.

The whole video is a complete trip.  Takes me back.  I remember reeeeeally wanting to dance with Elton in that amazing pink three piece.  I daydreamed about marrying Elton John.  [my goodness, talk about love life sabotage.]

Wow.  Well, I’m gonna get back to watching more Totally Minnie.  Wow.

1 thought on “i couldn’t if i tried.”

  1. Oh yah, you were totally into Minnie. I think you kissed the TV when Elton was crooning. Oh wait, maybe that was me kissing the tube watching Herman’s Hermits. Thanks for the memories.
    Love, momma

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